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Lonebot's step-by-step guide to developing high quality games from scratch in under 48 hours!

As veteran jammers (since 2008) we've seen it all. We've also just won 1st place at the GMTK 2020 Global Game Jam (the largest Game Jam EVER with 5,000+ entries).

Come learn our toppest tips and tricksiest tricks as we walk you through our production process from start the finish: ideation phase, mechanics design, world building, speed art, dev hacks, and more! All with whacky drawings and everything!

It also includes input from industry legends such as Mark Brown of GMTK, Rami Ismail from Vlambeer, and Pixel Logic! Needless to say we’re honoured.

We want to make our guide accessible to everyone, so you can nab it for whatever price you think is fair! We put a-lot of work into this, so any support you can give us will earn you our eternal gratitude.

You're also welcome to be part of our future: supporting us with 10$+ will get you Exclusive Beta Access to our next game (coming soon!).

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