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How do I do level 22???

With brain.

i can't get past level 11 :/

Well, that’s sad.

It took me forever on the last level until I finally skipped it. I saw the ending part, and I was like "I should be able to just fly over that." I wish I didn't skip 22.


This game has great level design. Good job!


It doesn't seem to save, and after I got to the last level I went left off the edge of the screen and then there seemed to be some kind of softlock.

Same lol

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This is amazing the puzzles, the animations, the level design oh, also the sound effects are pretty funny too!


I don't know whats better, the ending or the sound effects


I like your sound effects


Great concept and simple mechanics, it is entertaining and the level design makes you squeeze your brain to solve the puzzles. I would have loved being able to fix levels instead of restarting, but I understand that's hard because players will always break you game so it's nearly impossible to plan for every single solutiuon and set of movements, so the restart option is a must!! Congrats!

In other words: restart option is helpful. How are you able to stretch 4 words in to a memorial ?


The game is pretty good, superb concept.
I love the end lmao. Just a bit a pity that the sound effects are not really good (my opinion)


your opinion is wrong

No yours.


Truly great game!


the ending was hilarious

So cute! Loved it!


Great game, I really enjoyed it!


suddenly, gravity.

poor little purple guy :(


somebody out there is probably offended by the main character.

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that grappling hook feels so great so chunky. sweet game all round.

Great mechanics! (but why do all the creators on here hate happy endings?)

Simple and addictive! Amazing level design!

Level 12! What am I missing there?? I just can't seem to find a way to beat it.

Hello :)

Maybe the level name(Taxi) could hint the solution for you.

If not, here's the solution:

>Use the Grapple to bring the block towards you, it will cover the spikes and will let you to get over it.

>Go to the right corner and pull the upper block to you.

>After that, fly towards the door, and on the block, use the grapple to the left block you pulled at the start, to make it as a floor for the door.

Hope it helped

Thanks for playing!


Huh. Yeah, that's what I tried to do, since I knew the mechanic from the levels before. (Companion Cube and so on.) But somehow I remember it always pulled me towards the block and not the block towards me. I thought the mechanic was broken in this level. Maybe my brain is not working correctly, will have to take a look at the logs ;)

Well.. thanks @Lonebot. 

If you are still stuck (and still want to play the game) what happens is if you are in the air then you move yourself towards the block, but if you are on the ground (or a ladder) then you pull the block towards you.

if you are on ground, it will pull the block torwards you. if you are in mid-air, it will pull you torwards the block


Oh... and THANK YOU for making such a great game!! I love it very much :)

I also have a problem with this level starting with step 1 one your instruction.

First, it seems that it matters whether you just "Press" wasd or "Hold" wasd. If that is the case you should absolutely include it in the description, because in 99% of games it doesn't matter and it's very unintuitive control.

Then it still works unreliably: sometimes it pulls the block towards you, sometimes it pulls you towards the block. For example here (on the screenshot) it always pulled me towards the block instead of pulling the block towards me.

Since it seems you haven't gotten an answer yet, I'll explain (if you're still wondering). What happens is that when you're in the air you always pull yourself towards the block. But if you are on the ground (or on a ladder) you always pull the block towards you. It's made to be like that and it leads to some interesting puzzles later in the game. 

P.S. It doesn't matter if you press or hold wasd


Super unintuitive:( It should have been in the description

Thanks for clarifying!


A really great puzzler! Continue developing it please!

Well executed game!

Bug: on the congrats screen, if you go off the left edge of the screen, you can't come back on but also the credits don't trigger.

really cool. this was a game jam game??? i think it would benefit from an undo button.


Great concept and execution. Love the sound effects! Graphics are nice as well. I was stuck at the last level for a while but finally got through it! Very fun game. :)

Actually I found the mouthed sound effects annoying after a while, especially the "Mm?" sound while floating. This game would be a lot cooler with retro Bfxr-made sounds and music. A level editor would probably be epic, too.

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That proves how different everyone's tastes are. I find sounds made in Bfxr/Sfxr annoying. :)


I was hooked


This is fantastic! I feel like this could easily get extended into a full game - I'd certainly pay for it! :D


This might be the best game jam entry I've ever played in my life. I can't even

This is so cool! I got stuck at a certain point I'm definitely gonna come back and try again. The sound effects are perfect too but just a little loud :)

I really like the puzzles and mechanics of the game, some stuff seemed very trial and error but it was still satisfying.

I love the twist at the end, great concept for a game


Very cool and appealing. The sound effects and art style are soooo satisfying and charming. I would take this further.

I love this game, addicting and fun. I even came back for a second playthrough. I'm amazed at home many excellent levels you were able to make in such a short time.

Clever Puzzle-platformer . Also I love the sound effects

Such a clever puzzler! I dig it!

WOW!!! 10/10


Played this on my channel! It feels really great. :)

Best game I've played so far in this Game Jam! Spot on with the theme, and lots of juice!

I could not for the life of me finish that last level. so I skipped it. LOVE the ending.

That one took me forever! It has a surprisingly simple solution, but I felt like a stumbled upon the solution accidentally.

Good Game !! in the begining in was not liking to much, but when you introduce  the box, the game goes to another level. Keep it up !

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