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How do I do level 22???

With brain.

i can't get past level 11 :/

Well, that’s sad.

It took me forever on the last level until I finally skipped it. I saw the ending part, and I was like "I should be able to just fly over that." I wish I didn't skip 22.


This game has great level design. Good job!


It doesn't seem to save, and after I got to the last level I went left off the edge of the screen and then there seemed to be some kind of softlock.

Same lol

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This is amazing the puzzles, the animations, the level design oh, also the sound effects are pretty funny too!


I don't know whats better, the ending or the sound effects


I like your sound effects


Great concept and simple mechanics, it is entertaining and the level design makes you squeeze your brain to solve the puzzles. I would have loved being able to fix levels instead of restarting, but I understand that's hard because players will always break you game so it's nearly impossible to plan for every single solutiuon and set of movements, so the restart option is a must!! Congrats!

In other words: restart option is helpful. How are you able to stretch 4 words in to a memorial ?


The game is pretty good, superb concept.
I love the end lmao. Just a bit a pity that the sound effects are not really good (my opinion)


your opinion is wrong

No yours.

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