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Definitely the best game I've played from this jam. So much polish on top of a great idea and challenging puzzles

Absolutely one of the best games I've seen in this jam! Lots of challenging and well designed levels and so many little touches of polish - the game has idle animations for crying out loud. I have literally no idea how you managed to make so much in 2 days.


we'll upload art timelapses soon so you can find out :)

This is a very puzzling game, and I love it, even if the sound effects are all mouth-made.

hahaha yes, all or nothing


Very nice idea, decent ammounts of polish, and most importatly, fun and addictive gameplay. If you were to release it as a full game with a level editor, I'd gladly buy it for $15 or even $20!

great game

Great game! I like how you removed a mechanic most people don't think about to create something truly unique. The presentation is incredible and I have no idea how you made the game so fleshed out in only 2 days.

This is really good! At first I thought it just felt pretty similar to slidy cube puzzles, but it really comes into it's own and becomes a proper game. Well done! You could develop this into a full game, honestly. It'd work on iOS,  wouldnt it?

I found a bug in level 12. If you grapple into the bottom right corner you don't die once you hit the spikes. But this was a fun game! Good job!

huh. how did you get out of the bottom left corner in the first place?

A platformer without falling is... a unique and creative take on a puzzle game! Great job, y'all! Excellent level design.

Very simple and creative! Love it!

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