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I love the twist at the end, great concept for a game


Very cool and appealing. The sound effects and art style are soooo satisfying and charming. I would take this further.

I love this game, addicting and fun. I even came back for a second playthrough. I'm amazed at home many excellent levels you were able to make in such a short time.

Clever Puzzle-platformer . Also I love the sound effects

Such a clever puzzler! I dig it!

WOW!!! 10/10


Played this on my channel! It feels really great. :)

Best game I've played so far in this Game Jam! Spot on with the theme, and lots of juice!

I could not for the life of me finish that last level. so I skipped it. LOVE the ending.

That one took me forever! It has a surprisingly simple solution, but I felt like a stumbled upon the solution accidentally.

Good Game !! in the begining in was not liking to much, but when you introduce  the box, the game goes to another level. Keep it up !

Definitely the best game I've played from this jam. So much polish on top of a great idea and challenging puzzles

Absolutely one of the best games I've seen in this jam! Lots of challenging and well designed levels and so many little touches of polish - the game has idle animations for crying out loud. I have literally no idea how you managed to make so much in 2 days.


we'll upload art timelapses soon so you can find out :)

This is a very puzzling game, and I love it, even if the sound effects are all mouth-made.

hahaha yes, all or nothing


Very nice idea, decent ammounts of polish, and most importatly, fun and addictive gameplay. If you were to release it as a full game with a level editor, I'd gladly buy it for $15 or even $20!

great game

Great game! I like how you removed a mechanic most people don't think about to create something truly unique. The presentation is incredible and I have no idea how you made the game so fleshed out in only 2 days.

This is really good! At first I thought it just felt pretty similar to slidy cube puzzles, but it really comes into it's own and becomes a proper game. Well done! You could develop this into a full game, honestly. It'd work on iOS,  wouldnt it?

I found a bug in level 12. If you grapple into the bottom right corner you don't die once you hit the spikes. But this was a fun game! Good job!

huh. how did you get out of the bottom left corner in the first place?

A platformer without falling is... a unique and creative take on a puzzle game! Great job, y'all! Excellent level design.

Very simple and creative! Love it!

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